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Medical Hypnosis
Medical Hypnosis is the process of producing an alternate state of awareness in which an individual is highly focused on a therapeutic goal, with a relative suspension of peripheral awareness. This process may or may not involve relaxation response, and is often experienced in our daily activities: for example such as being absorbed in reading, listening etc.
Medical hypnosis utilizes these phenomena for the therapeutic purposes. 
The role of the hypnotist (the therapist) is to instruct patients how to perform self-hypnosis. 
The Israeli legislation limits the practice of hypnosis to medical doctors, dentists and psychologists who have acquired an appropriate education in this field and have successfully passed the Ministry of Health board exams.
Hypnosis has been shown to be useful for a wide spectrum of conditions such as: stress, sleep disorders, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, heat flushes (of menopausal women), chronic pain and other painful conditions etc. It can also be useful in treating undesirable habits such as smoking and overweight.
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